Keto Knowledge

Whether you’re already a keto expert or you’re just starting out on your journey – we’ve got something for everyone.

Find out everything you need to know about low carb, keto, and nutrition in general – always easy to understand and based on scientific evidence.

Keto Basics

Keto Beginners Guide Thumbnail

What is keto?

Everything you need to know about the keto diet.
Hormones Thumbnail

Why keto works

The positive effect of keto on your hormones explained.

Keto and Cholesterol Thumbnail

Is keto destroying your arteries?

(Spoiler: No.)
This is how the keto diet affects your heart health.

Keto Side Effects Thumbnail

Keto side effects

These are the obstacles you might encounter on the keto diet and this is what you can do about them!

Keto Food

Keto Foods Thumbnail

What can I eat on keto?

A detailed list of keto foods including a printable PDF!
Keto and Low Carb Vegetables Thumbnail

These vegetables are keto!

These vegetables are perfect for keto & low carb! Includes a printable PDF.
Low Carb Fruit Thumbnail

This fruit is low carb!

These are the fruits you can eat on low carb or keto! Includes printable PDF.

More about the keto diet

Net Carbs Thumbnail

Carbs that don't count!

What net carbs are and how to calculate them.

More about nutrition in general

Meat Myths Thumbnail

Is meat unhealthy?

All myths about meat debunked.
Erythritol Thumbnail

The better sugar?

Everything you need to know about erythritol!