Accessory Recommendations

On this page, you’ll find products that we like to think of as “gadgets” for a ketogenic diet.

They are definitely not necessary to follow a keto diet, but they can be a great addition to your everyday keto life or to motivate yourself.

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Ketone Test Strips

  • Easy and cheap way to see if you’re in ketosis
  • Indicates the amount of ketone bodies that are excreted through your urine
  • Becomes less and less reliable once your body becomes fat-adapted (few weeks to months), as it becomes better at using ketone bodies efficiently
Ketone test strips can tell you if your body is producing ketone bodies.

They were originally developed for (type 1) diabetics who have to keep their level of ketone bodies in check to avoid a serious condition called ketoacidosis.

As a healthy person, you don’t have to worry about ketoacidosis, but ketone test strips can still be of use for you.

When you start out on a keto diet, they can show you if you’ve reduced your carb intake far enough to switch into ketosis.

At the beginning of a keto diet, your body excretes ketone bodies through sweat, breath and urine, as it isn’t yet used to using them as an efficient fuel source.

Ketone test strips can show you the number of ketone bodies you’re excreting through your urine and thus indicate how deep you are in ketosis.

Unfortunately, there’s a caveat, as these test strips start to lose their indicative power after a few weeks to months.

Once your body becomes used to using ketone bodies as an efficient fuel source, it will excrete less of them through your urine and the ketone test strips might show that you’re not in ketosis even though you definetly are.

Despite this, we think that they can still be a great tool at the beginning of your diet, as it can be very motivating to see that what you’re doing is working.

Fat Bomb Silicone Mold

  • Ideal for fat bombs or candy
Making small keto treats like fat bombs becomes much easier when you have a silicone mold such as this one at hand.

Finished fat bombs can be pressed out of the mold without effort, making flexible silicone molds a much better choice compared to stiff plastic ones.

They’re also easy to clean and very durable.

Candy Bar Silicone Mold

  • Ideal for making keto candy bars
If you don’t want to abstain from candy bars just because you follow a low carb diet, you can simply make them yourself.

Keto Coconut Bars, Keto Peanut Butter Bars and much more are made in no time with a candy bar silicone mold.

This silicone mold is also easy to clean and very durable.